Friday, 6 June 2008

End Test

Well, yesterday I sat the last exam of my foundation degree (Fingers Crossed!) It was the culmination of two years hard work, two years of being poor and two years of travelling 100 miles a day just to get to Falmouth Marine School! It has also been two years of amazing fun during which I have made some wonderful friends and done things that I have wanted to do since I was a child. I wouldn't change a thing..... well actually, a bit more money would have been nice but I guess you can't have everything!

My final Coastal Zone Management lesson consisted of an end test encompassing all the topics that we had looked at over the last year.
Using The Devon Maritime Forum as an indication of best practice, we applied conflict resolution ideas to current Coastal Zone Conflicts such as dredging, mangrove destruction, sea defences and coastal erosion. I concentrated on fish farming and aquaculture as it is a subject that I am particularly interested in having researched it in my first year for an assignment.

My ambitions for the future..... assuming I pass my exams are pretty much the same as they were when I started this degree. I am hoping to continue into the third year either in Plymouth or Cambourne and after that I am considering studying for an extra year to complete a Masters Degree.

After that Iam hoping for a job in research. is an excellent website to search for jobs within the marine industry and recently there was ajob advertised for a Benthic Taxonomist which I would be very interrested in. was advertising a job for a zooplankton Analyst which I would also be interested in.

I guess you will have to watch this space.........


glad(e)07 said...

kay, thanks for your end test, score 70% - would have been more had you applied dmf findings to your excellent romp thru fish farming.

glad(e)07 said...

kay, further comments. if you have time, i urge you to study some of the sociology behind czm. for instance, we have a eally good example at the moment with the mussel farm relocation. steve applied for permission to put at gillan creek, but much local opposition from second home owners. so werhe do they get their mussels from? nz via asda! every day there is a story whose generic is coastal squeeze, see today. its been a pleasure working with you, i only regret you were not able to spend some time in my policy sessions. good luck for the future, very best roryt